CATEGORY Interaction & Industrial Design

CLIENT Design Senior Capstone Project

CONTRIBUTORS Robin Cullen, Emily Phan, Kailyn Yang

ROLE Industrial Designer, Interaction Designer

YEAR 2016

Blox Talk is a game that allows children to play with each other without being in the same physical space. It transforms the classic building blocks that children know and love into a physical-meets-digital world. My responsibilities included user research and user story development, sketching and concept development for interactions and the physical product, prototyping, CAD, and model-making.



I made personas to better understand the goals of my user. It was important to create a persona both for the purchaser (the parent) and the user (the child).

mom and boy.jpg

NAME Toby Martinez

HOMETOWN Washington, DC



  • Moves around the world often for for mom's work
  • Was raised in the digital age
  • Is social and values friendship


  • He takes about 6 months to make close friends in every new city
  • Wants to stay in touch with friends in other cities

 GOAL Play games with his friends. Keep in touch with                         friends he made elsewhere 

NAME Sylvia Martinez

HOMETOWN Washington, DC

AGE 45



  • Moves around the world often for work
  • Has 2 children she loves, ages 5 and 7
  • Uses social media and technology
  • Has disposable income


  • Her kids take about 6 months to make friends in every new city they move
  • Her kids are too young to use social media but want to stay in touch with friends have back home or they made in previous cities

 GOAL Help her kids keep in touch and continue to play                     with their friends in other cities 



First I sketched a number of different concepts. As a team we discussed the viability of each design, and landed on a game that had familiar interactions (playing with blocks) with a modern twist: digital-meets-physical interaction. 



Prototyping was very important for this project. We created a number of different cardboard, felt, and 3D printed prototypes in order to test the interaction. When we had our final prototype we tested the interaction with Mica, the young boy featured in our video.